My version of the Elephant, in more ways than one. OV Mar 2016   Bendigo Library Aug 2015   Bendigo Library Aug 2015
Bocelli tour stage - Sept 2014   Stupot and Young Hee warm up before one of the Bocelli tour gigs, Sept 2014   Capitol Theatre, Bendigo Aug 2015
With Josie Vains in the Kammermusik concert at Fish Creek on 31/5/14
  Kammermusik at Fish Creek on 31/5/14   The Bocelli bass section on tour, having Yum Cha in Sydney, meeting up with Jenny Druery. Back row Jenny, Stuart Thomson, Young Hee Chan, Ivan Sultanoff, front row moi, Oly Millier and Jono Coco
Orchestra Victoria bass section in rehearsal for the Ring at Albert Park in Melbourne. Matthew Thorne, moi, Davin Holt, Dennis Vaughan, Emma Sullivan, Hugh Kluger, Nic Synot and Miranda Fitzgerald. Not on this rehearsal were Kylie Davies and Lowri Morgan   The MSO have posh new purpose made bass boxes - here is the Lott enjoying its short stay in there. They even have a light and hanger for gig clothes   This must be my favourite shot on the Gallery Page. No, not because of the two Stuarts, but the wonderful Deltra Goodrem in the middle. She is a star and humble enough to have her photo taken with a couple of bass players. Perth Arena, Sept 2014
The Gotterdamerung bass section, Act I on the last night. From L to R moi, Hugo Kluger, Nic Synot, Emma Sullivan, Lowri Morgan, Kylie Davies and Davin Holt. Also in the section but not on the act were Dennis Vaughan, Matthew Thorne and Miranda Hill   MSO performing the soundtrack to the second Lord of the Rings film The Two Towers. Great fun but there is only so much orc music you can play without a trip to the physio!   With Stuart Thomson in Lilydale, Tasmania, and a mystery 3rd bass player!
Open air shows in the UK are known as Muddy Field gigs. No so in Australia - heres the TSO section "warming up" for Symphony Under the Stars, with snags on the BBQ. Stuart Thomson, moi and Michael Fortescue   Stevie arseing around in the wings at Hamer Hall, as the production team change the staging between numbers. My Lott is 3rd from the far end, and Stevies Kennedy is closest to camera (er iPhone).    
You put your Lott down for 5 mins.....and some clown picks it up. Stupot checking out Lotty in his new your beaut studion in Hobart, 2013   Technology changes everything. Once upon a time bass players too a pencil, rubber, resin on stage. Nowadays is an iPhone to check e mails and an iPad on the stand to play Scabble. Recording sessions can be VERY stop/start.   Hugh Kluger in Federation Concert Hall, Hobart, comparing Lotts. On the right is my grandfather Lott, on the left his Dodd, that was probably made by Lott Snr
With Leanda Smith and Sylvia Hosking, backstage at the Impossible Orchestra, Hamer Hall, Melbourne, 27/28 Oct 2012   Impossible Orchestra - 43 seconds into a 24 hour gig!   Comparing Kennedys with Josie Vains, just before performing with Trout with the Firebird Trio in the Melbourne Recital Centre, Nov 2012
Trying out a new Panormo model bass by Ben Puglisi in the white in Oct 2012. Great bass, great model, its going to be a ripper   Gavin the gnome, at Orchestra Victoria in 2011, with Matthew Thorne and Leanda Smith. Playing Davin's beaut Panormo   La Boheme, Christian Badea, Orchestra Victoria in the State Theatre pit, 2011, with Dennis Vaughan
Beethoven 9 is serious business!!   With Gay Amherst at St Columb 2012   Harmoniemusik reh at St Columb 2012
With Stuart Thomson and the bass playing frog in Melbourne Sept 2012   Performing a Rossini String Sonata with the Parkville Ensemble in Cape Paterson   I used the Tarr for chamber music. This was taken after a Parkville Ensemble concert
With Judith Durham, ex New Seekers lead singer, at a recording session in 2009   A new use for a Stevenson bass box!   The Kennedy finally arrives in Melbourne, Sept 2012
I am in the principal bass of the Forest Philharmonic bass section. This shot was taken while performing Beethoven 9 in 2012   Arty shot of Pension...   ...and its scroll
Parkville Ensemble gig with Mo Kilpatrick. Wouldnt normally give my sis in law that much attention! Fast left hand? A slow shutter speed is more likely! Failing - a piece that speaks for itself!
My last Tasmanian Symphony gig in May 2010, with Stuart Thomson and Steve Martin   With Nicky at our beach house in Cape Paterson   Rossini string sonata with Rohan de Korte
Performing "Failing" on Pension   This is a shot of the Halle bass section in the 1970s. the front desk is Mike Calder, one of my first teachers, wearing the tie, and Dougie Williams, no2, playing a 5 stringer that is now my Italian bass (but a 4 stringer these days)



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