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What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a tool to help clarify complex issues and inter-relations between them. The concept was developed by Tony and Barry Buzan. There are lots of sites with info on mind maps, including Wikipedia


Why create a mind map for a bass player?

It is my opinion that students spend a large amount of time focussing on technique and performance issues, both crucially important in becoming a successful player, but not the whole story. Many students of mine have huge gaps in the breadth and depth of thier understanding of the bass world. Rather than impart this information in a haphazard manner on a one-on-one basis in lessons, I have attempted to put this in a more structured format on the net.


Where to go from here

My next job is to drill into each branch of the mind map and give the next levels of detail plus background text. Its a big job, so will take some time.


I have shown the first three levels of the mind map on the diagram above - there are move levels of detail, which I have left off this page for clarity. To drill down to more detail, click on the box in the diagram above or the link in the table below. I am in the process of writing the next level pages and to date I have done the following:-


Goals I have come across many players who have ill defined, or worse still no goals. Some just flop off to music college, have a great time for 3-4 years then wonder why they in a hole some time later. Goals are crucial in all aspects of life, including music
Why play?
Hardware Unlike a singer, we need stuff, like a bass! But there's lots of other toys too, like a bow, strings, gig clothes, resin...
Bass, bow, man bag, accessories, clothing
Preparation The music profession is a high pressure environment - its one of the performing arts and therefore there is constant pressure, in concerts, maybe a Mahler 1 solo, or first time with an orchestra, an audition, trial, graded exam..... We need tools to deal with this pressure and perform to the best of our ability
Mental, physical, practice
$ Finance is important in all parts of life, especially where the income side is low but the outgoings can be ridiculously high (ie old basses priced at several times a players annual income)
Insurance, finance, income
Musicianship I believe this is what it is all about - we are musicians. All other aspects of the mind map are means to this end
Rhythm , Pitch , Dynamics , Musical Maturity , Reading , Colour/sound , Creative , Tuning the bass , Section etiquette
Technique Many students spend a large proportion of thier time on technique and some of the aspects of musicality. I do not intend to go over ground covered elsewhere in the literature but will put technique into the overall mind map
Posture, Right hand, Left hand, Fitness/health
Network Some reading this will wonder why network appears on a mind map dedicated to musicians - isnt that for business people?? Networking is for everyone, including bass players
Teacher(s), peers, students, maker/repairer, groups, dealers, why build a network?





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